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Aero Design Services provides major alteration approvals. These approvals can be in the form of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) or Major Alteration (8110-3). Most cabin modifications can be approved as a Major Alteration, which significantly cuts down on the time for approval from the FAA when compared to an STC approval. The type of approval depends on the customer needs and scope of the project.

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Current STC List:

STC# Model Description
ST04224AT A319-100 A319-100 Series Interior Reconfiguration Max Pax
ST04253AT B767-200, -300, -400 Installation of Crew Rest Module
ST04252AT A321-200 A321-200 Series Interior Reconfiguration Max Pax
ST04209AT A320-200 A320-200 Series Interior Reconfiguration Max Pax
ST04133AT B747-400 Interior modification of Zones B, C and D
ST04013AT B747-400 Modification to increase seating capacity to 12 first class and 510 tourist class passengers
ST03822AT A320-200 Installation of 162 all tourist passenger interior configuration
ST03459AT A318 Installation of 120 all tourist passenger interior configuration
ST03473AT A319 Installation of 132 all tourist passenger interior configuration
ST02734AT B737-300 Installation of a cabin seating arrangement for 148 passengers
ST02459AT DC-9-87 Installation of a passenger cabin seating arrangement of 12/100
ST02294AT DC-9-81, -82, -83, MD-88 Reconfiguration of passenger seating arrangement to 8 FC/135 TC
ST01564AT B737-200 This modification allows the installation of an interior cabin arrangement of 0/120 and emergency equipment
ST01500AT DC-10 Series This modification allows the installation of an interior cabin arrangement of 0/380
ST01501AT DC-10-10 This modification allows the installation of modified seats
ST01439AT Multiple Manufacture and installation of a passenger cabin food service cart (transferred)
ST01275AT DC-10-30 Installation of modified passenger seats including the provisions for video equipment
ST01268AT DC-10-15 Installation of a mixed class seating arrangement with 14 First Class and 339 tourist seats
ST01211AT B727-200 Reconfiguration of a passenger seating configuration to 170 tourist class seats from 182 tourist class seats
ST01111AT A300 series Manufacture and installation of A300 Lermer Service Cart (transferred)
ST01061AT B737-200 series Installation of 0/118 OR 0/119 And 14/73 Interior Configuration
ST00968AT DC-9-21 Installation of passenger interior
ST00835AT DC-10-10 series Installation of 357 or 358 passenger all tourist class interior
ST00748AT B737-200 Installation of interior Configuration with 0 first class and 124 or 122 tourist class seating
ST00612AT A310 series Installation of window shade cartridge assemblies (transferred)
ST00547AT B727-200 Installation of galley modification kits and ovens
ST00502AT B737-200 series Installation of 126 or 128 tourist class seating configuration
ST00395AT B727-200 series Installation of a 175 passenger tourist class seating configuration
ST00271AT B757-200 series Modification of interior to 216 Tourist class seating configuration
ST00161AT F28 MK1000 Installation of hat rack doors (transferred)
ST00156AT B757-200 series Installation of interior configuration with 228 passenger seating
ST00152AT B727-200 Installation of 168 passenger all coach interior configuration
ST00036AT B727-200 Installation of interior modification to 182 tourist class
SA3307SO B757-200 Modification of interior configuration to 0 First Class, 205 Tourist Class
SA3219SO B737-400 Installation of a modified Interior configuration of 0 first class and 156 tourist class seats
SA3146SO B727-233 Installation of 173 coach class seats
SA3021SO B727-200 Series Installation of 173 passenger interior (tourist class configuration)